Case Study

DCAcar came to us 4 years ago in need of online marketing. This company has done something very extraordinary: they have been growing year over year for the last 4 years. Most of it's competitors have had 20% decrease in revenue since 2013. Uber and Lyft are such large players in the car service market that they have been taking away market share from small and medium companies. We spoke to a owner/ operator in Chicago last month his 50 vehicle fleet is shrinking every year. In 2015 and 2016 he experienced 25% and 20% decrease in  revenue respectively. 


What is even more awesome we are currently working on a plan to take this company from being a local provider in DC area to a national brand. We have identified 28 cities that we would like to have a footprint in . 

1st phase will include 6 cities- Los Angeles, Denver, Salt Lake City, Manchester, Long Island NY and Cleveland. We'll launch our campaign in Jan 1st 2017.  Within 6 most of the launch we'll assess the situation and if there will be any need, we'll adjust our tactics. This is the 1st campaign of it's kind so Siterr and it's team are super excited to help DCAcar to become a nationally recognized brand. 

Case Studay DCAcar
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